Our Administration

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

  • Goals and Objectives
  • To develop a system for the conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the over all performance of the institution.
  • Making “Quality Enhancement” as an integral part of the institutional functioning - Internalization and Institutionalization of quality enhancement initiatives.
  • To assure all the stakeholders the accountability of the institution for its own quality.
  • Functions
  • Generating and promoting awareness on Quality sustenance.
  • To device procedures and mechanisms to maintain quality in all the operational aspects of the system-Teaching-learning-Evaluation process.
  • Measuring the outcome of academic performance of the institution.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in all the operational aspects of the University.
  • To keep the institution abreast of quality sustenance activities through Workshops / Seminars / Demonstrations / Case Studies / Panel Discussions.
  • Developing realistic and attainable quality benchmarks for each of the academic and administrative activity through plan of action, internal assessment, workshops etc.
  • IQAC Compositions
  • The IQAC has been restructured and positioned in the second floor of Administrative Block with the following members
  • Management Members
    Dr. Mariazeena Johnson, Chancellor
    Dr. Marie Johnson, President
    Senior Administrative Officers
    Dr. T. Sasipraba, Vice Chancellor
  • Internal Members
    Dr.S.PRAKASH, Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering,
    Dr.T.SASIKALA, Dean, School of Computing.
    Dr. G. BHUVANESHWARI, Dean, School of Management studies
  • External Member
    Dr. K. Nirmala Prasad, Member, Tamilnadu State Council for Higher Education.
  • Nominee from Students Alumni
    Mr. Raja, Deputy General Manager,
    QMax Test Equipments Private Limited, Sholinganallur.
  • IQAC Coordinator Dr. Anima Nanda,
    Contact Us Intercom: 5069
    Mobile: 9443786840
    Email : iqac@sathyabama.ac.in
  • Formats
  • Alumni Feedback Form
  • Curriculum Feedback Form
  • Faculty Self Appraisal Form
  • Faculty Feedback Form
  • Parent Feedback Form
  • Students Feedback Form
  • Workshop / Seminar / Guest Lecture Feedback Form