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Core Values

Model Degree College, Nayagarh though set in a rural background has always been one of the paramount institutions of higher education in the state of Odisha. The College has been committed to the society in the sense that it produces a group of citizens with integrity, social commitment and competency. As an institution, we work on the basis of certain core values, which are our guiding principles that help to define ourselves. These values reflect the mission, vision, tenacity, philosophy, and beliefs of Model Degree College, Nayagarh.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to social justice and we attempt to provide a comprehensive development for our students regarding all things like the academic, cultural, socio-political and spiritual dimensions.

Academic Excellence

We aim to promote critical and creative enquiry through rigorous methods and thus enable to the students to be more competent and achieve a broader understanding of the world.

Transformational Learning

We value learning and the pursuit of knowledge as lifelong processes and the students experience a self-transformation through social-integration and right thinking.

Positive Attitude

We strive to preserve the unique cultural and aesthetic milieu of the college, thus providing wings to the mind and imagination of the students.

Freedom of Thought

We value participatory decision making that provides everyone with the opportunity to contribute ideas and we train the students to question the preconceptions and think independently.

Our Vision

Imparting knowledge to gain wisdom and to liberate the individual from all bondages to build a better world. The Bhagavat Gita Smriti. "Sreyohi Njanam Abhyasath" - Knowledge indeed is superior to constant practice - inscribed in the college emblem embodies the vision of the college.

Our Mission

Educate and illuminate the young generations to build a strong and progressive nation where the rich values and traditions are upheld.