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Course Outcome and Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome

Programme Outcome (PO) represents the fundamental rationale for a specific programme and is derived from a programme’s mission statement. POs are specific measurable statements concerning the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and attributes a graduate should possess upon programme completion. It is broader than CO and it assesses the students’ cumulative learning across courses at the end of the programme.

Course Outcome

Course Outcomes (COs) are the outcomes of a particular course of the programme. Every programme has core courses which have their own previously established aims to achieve. Each course within the programme is created to collectively meet the desired PO. The COs are laid out in a form that makes it possible to measure them. COs are aligned with PO but are typically narrower than them as it measures the incremental knowledge and skills that students develop bit by bit throughout the program. An institution determines COs after discussing with department heads, faculty, students, and other interested parties and stakeholder and updates them periodically to keep up with the changing times.