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Self-Defence for Girl Students


Innovation : The main objective of this training programme is to decrease dropout rates and make girls more confident by empowering them to defend themselves in times of danger.
Duration : Three sessions a week.
Location : College Campus of Model Degree Collge,Nayagarh.
Key Stakeholders : College Girls, Physical Education Trainers, Faculty Members,Administrations.

Brief Description

Instances of harassment against girls and women are prevalent in our society, many of which go unreported eventually leading to heinous crimes against girl and women. There is a pressing need to tackle such complicated situations for girls to be able to save themselves from any deleterious outcome. By making them learn self defence; we can ensure a society brimming with powerful and strong women who can protect themselves.

Self defence training programmes have been conducted in our colleges under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) for college girls . The Physical Education Teachers (PET) of Government college are trained by experts from Training Academy (Institute of Martial Arts), who in turn train female students in their respective colleges. It is a 3 month course during which 24 vital techniques are taught to the students studying in our college. These techniques are taught in 36 sessions thrice in a week. This has led to awareness on good touch and bad touch among students especially among girls, alerting them and encouraging them to speak out about situations that are undesirable.

Factors contributing to success

One of the factors that contributed to the success of this activity is the number of girls who were trained under this programme. This programme has empowered girls, who were ready to take on challenges about women safety.

Outcome, Benefits & Impact

A total of 200 girls have participated in the self defence training. One of the major impacts of this activity has been instilling a sense of fearlessness and enhancing mental strength among the girls. Students are beginning to feel more confident and secured having learnt techniques to defend themselves in times of crisis. While this activity has enhanced the physical strength of girls on one hand, there has been an increase in the girls’ attendance in colleges on the other. A very positive trend is being witnessed across colleges where this training has been imparted.

Challenges and Future Prospects

One of the challenges faced was the lack of adequately trained PETs in colleges. Hence, increasing the number of training programmes of PET needs to be conducted to ensure that good training to girls in martial arts takes place. Also, many more girls need to be motivated to participate in self defence training programmes.


1) Miss Rasmirekha Sahoo Asst Professor in Commerce
2) Miss Bijayini Subhadarshini Asst Prfessr in Physics

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