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This time is used also to put things in their places

Concentrate on your breathing, engage in the moment and spend some time being still, quiet and drift inside of your own mind. Hypnotize yourself here.

Strategies to market new-age businesses

If you look back, you will notice that your past is there; everything you have ever done or experienced is behind you. Become aware of the temperature, the sights, the sounds and enjoy walking along the path of your life.

From eight till twelve he worked at his trade

Make it sensory rich and get comfortable with the idea. Imagine the feeling of your feet walking along the path and the sound they make. Engage with the idea of really being there.

Most people believe that success is difficult.

Imagine that a few more steps ahead there is a place where the path splits, where is goes off to the left and off to the right. Pause here for a few moments and have a think.